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We focus on electricity consumption, helping you ensure that your client has a bill as close to zero as possible

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Real time monitoring for optimal control of renewable energy consumption

Discover the power of enterprise-class real-time monitoring with Pylon Data. The perfect solution to gain total control of your renewable energy consumption. Our advanced system offers:

  • Universal inverter compatibility: Complete and versatile monitoring by compiling all production data from your inverters regardless of the brand.
  • Total PV system overview: Get a bird’s eye view of your plant to help improve efficiency and energy management.
  • Integrated satellite weather service: Anticipate meteorological changes with the precision necessary to tailor your PV production to the weather situation. 
  • Integration with meters: Connect with your electricity supplier’s meters to provide exact fiscal data for regulatory compliance.
  • Compatible with a diverse range of data collection devices: Incorporate any existing data collection device into the system overview for even finer grained monitoring.
  • Battery management: Monitor and optimise the use of your batteries for better energy efficiency.
  • System lifetime incident database: Generate a detailed log of all incidents to allow proactive maintenance and rapid incident response.

With Pylon Data’s industry leading technology push your efficiency and PV system management to the next level.


How to start controlling my plants?