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Steps to follow to integrate Huawei

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First STEP

Huawei Data Integration

To create an API account, it must be done from the main account (administrator) on the Fusion Solar platform.
  • Once logged into the platform, access the following from the top menu: System → Company Management.
  • Navigate to the Northbound Management section within the submenu and click ‘Add’ (If this item does not appear in the menu, it is because the account is not an administrator).
  • Fill in the following fields:

    • System name: This name does not affect API access; it is only for user reference.
    • Deadline: The expiration date for the new user's access.
    • Associated account: Select the main account of the interface to access its data.
    • Username: The username that will be used to access through the API.
    • Password: The password that will be used for API access.
    • Plant List: You can select either the entire company or individual plants whose data you wish to access. (The recommended option is the entire company).
  • For the remaining options, select those that you want the user to have access to through the API (Select all checkboxes to access all data).
  • Once everything is set up, click ‘OK’ and you will have the user ready to use the API.

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